Gili Meno is on north of West Lombok easily reached from the mainland. Either by public transport or boat charter out of Bangsal Harbour on the northwest coast, or through the tour companies and dive operators in Senggigi, who provide transfers daily. From Senggigi, Perama tours provide trip to Gili Meno and back each day. There are many ways going to Kontiki Meno:

By Plane

From Selaparang Airport (Mataram) to Bangsal Harbour by taxi, the journey takes around 45 minutes. Touts at the Bangsal pier will accost you. Shrug them off, or tell them you have a ticket to across, although they are pushy and annoying, don’t get aggresive toward them.

By Ferry(boat

From Lembar Harbour (Lombok) to Bangsal Harbour by taxi, it takes around 2 hours. Arrival in Bangsal Harbour, finding the ticket counter in Koperasi Karya Bahari building or by shuttle service direct from Bali. To Across Gili Meno from Bangsal Harbour use a Traditional Sampan around 30 minutes. All The Sampan berth in the Gili Meno Harbour. Kontiki Meno is on South of Gili Meno Harbour around 300 meter distance. It can be reached on foot or by Cidomo.

Direct to Gili Meno

by fast Boat from Kuta, Sanur, Ubud Bali. Contact fast boat operator in Bali.

From Trawangan

by Lombok Trawangan – Meno Island hoping.

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