The more adventures, besides Climbing The Lombok’s famous volcano, Mt Rinjani, and trekking through the natural jungles and forest of the Rinjani National Park, there are a whole host activities available on Lombok the exotic island, east of Bali Island. Visit the Gilis Islands for a castaway experience and spend the days snorkeling and diving the fantastic reefs. neighbors of Trawangan with the underwater scenery, paradise of all divers, good for honeymoon, Meno Island, has white sand where the conservation of hawksbill turtles.

Off the north-west coast of Lombok, these three small coral atolls have superb white-sandy beaches, clear water that glitters in a kaleidoscope of brillianty coloured fish – a paradise for snorkkellers – and lots of fine shells. Three perfect coral islands, fringed with white sands and swaying palm trees, lay in the sparkling ocean just off the north west coast of Lombok. For many years the Gilis have attracted visitors from around the world for their pristine waters, swim, sunbath, great diving and snorkeling opportunities, and laid back charm.